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LHB Coach

◉ The Linke Hofmann Busch coach, more commonly known as the LHB coach, is a train coach for passenger trains. It gets its name from its German manufacturers Linke-Hofmann-Busch, who are now called Alstom Transport Deutschland. Indian Railways first used these coaches in 2000 and since then, they are produced by the Rail Coach Factory in the city of Kapurthala, Punjab. However, before they were produced in India, the LHB coaches were imported from Germany. The Indian Railways imported 24 air-conditioned LHB coaches from Germany. These were used in most of the Shatabdi Express trains.

◉ The LHB coaches are used on the 5 ft 6 in broad gauge and 3 ft 6 in narrow gauge rail networks across India. The operating speed of these coaches is 160 km/h, but it can increase to 200 km/h if necessary. Now, this is the speed that the coaches have been designed for. However, no LHB coach has actually been driven at that high a speed. The highest speed has been 180 km/h till now.