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◉ Rehabilitation of BOBRN Wagons. The work includes Side Wall Assembly, End Wall (X-End)Assembly, End Frame Arrangement for Body X End, End Wall(Y-End) Assembly, End Frame Arrangement for Body Y End, Hopper Arrangement, Door Assembly-Double Link, Cross Ridge Assembly, Body Structure Assembly, Hopper Door Assembly, Door Mechanism Arrangement, Door Operating Equipment and Air pipe layout, Center Pivot Modification etc.

◉ Repair of Unloadable Wagons (UL/B) on load by Welding, Repairing & Straightening of flapdoor assembly for BOXN/BOXNHL doors and fitment of door after repair.

◉ Corrosion work in BOXN/BOST/BOBRN Wagon ( Light Repair/ Medium Repair/ Heavy Repair) : The work includes Repairing/replacement of Side wall patch; Repairing/replacement of End Slope patch; Repairing/replacement of Side sill hopper frame & plate and centre sill hopper frame & plate;

Repairing/replacement of Ridge & Ridge stay arrangements ; Repairing/replacement of End Support angle and allied components; Repairing/replacement of door flap and door hold press etc.

◉ Stripping, Overhauling and Fitting of Air Brake components in wagons.